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Sheep Horn Head Stainless Steel Resin

Sheep Horn Head Stainless Steel Resin

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Product category: red wine glass
Material: Stainless steel
Capacity: 101-200ml
Style: Europe and America
Weight: 490g

 Our products are mainly made of resin material, mainly based on skulls. Our antique old effect will have a color gap in each batch of goods. This is not a color problem, because the antique is the effect of random rubbing. Of course, each one, each one The batch will not be exactly the same as the spray paint. The antique effect of the skull head is mainly based on the unearthed effect, because after the skull is unearthed, the soil will corrode and the surface will not be smooth. This is not a quality problem, but the effect is made.

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Beer mug*1

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